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Hazrat Saiyed Pir-E-Tarikat Mahiuddin Pyaresaheb Alvi-ul-Husseni Education & Charitable Trust.

This trust is founded by Marhum Baba Saiyad Firdaus Hussain Alvi-ul-Husseni. He was the chairman of the trust. Now Saiyed Vasim Ahmed Alvi-ul-Husseni is the chairman of the trust. They are staying at Bekatekri, Dholka-382225, Dis-Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

On behalf of the trust, for the development of trust to establish technical, industrial and education centers in public interest, looking, running of institutions and development of institutions. and to bear the expenses and collecting of income from the said institutions.

To receive the income from Central, State, Local Institutions, Associations, Companies, Commercial institutions, the Government grants of movable property receiving Gifts, Grants, Concessions, Hundi's any other monetory benefits received from nationally or internationally, along with to look after the religious educational and in public interest to do all necessary of work for all religious people.more...
  • 1 . Hazrat Ali Karamallahu Vajahu
  • 2 . Imame Hasan (A.S.)
  • 3 . Hazrat Imame Husain (A.S.)
  • 4 . Hazrat Imam Zaynul Aabeddin (A.S.)
  • 5 . Hazrat Muhammad Baqir (A.S.)
  • 6 . Hazrat Imame Jafare Sadiq (A.S.)
  • 7 . Hazrat Imame Musa Kazim (A.S.)
  • 8 . Hazrat Ali Musa Raza (A.S.)
  • 9 . Hazrat Muhammad Taki (A.S.)
  • 10 . Hazrat Muhammad Naqi (A.S.)
  • 11 . Hazrat Imame Hasan Askari (A.S.)
  • 12 . Hazrat Imam Mahdi (A.S.)

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